Hi! Since you actually clicked the about page I suppose I should tell you some things about me. My name is Spyros and I am a physicist from Athens, Greece. I received my PhD in Applied Physics focusing in Microelectronics from the Physics Department of the National Technical University of Athens where I was a member of the Electronic Nanomaterials and Devices Group. My primary research interests lie in the areas of semiconductor physics and modelling, thin films with applications in sensors and emerging memories as well as scanning electron microscopy and electron beam lithography. Currently I am with the School of Electronics and Computer Science of the University of Southampton, UK, working on the development and characterisation of metaloxide resistive memory devices.

Apart from physics I am also deeply interested in computers and technology as well as programming albeit purely from a hobbyist’s perspective. I am supporter of the open source ethos and longtime Linux user. I have been distro-hopping for years until I settled with Archlinux in 2010. I am well versed in bash, Python, comfortable with C and I occasionally toy around with whatever language is popular at times.